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The benefits of Yoga are not only visible at a physical level. For sure, yoga makes us move our bodies, joints, muscles and helps us to fight against a sedentarity lifestyle. In yoga, we find concrete solutions for specific problems : back and chronic pain, over stress, management of emotions... Yoga allows us to focus. But yoga also enables us to evolve at a psychological level. During the yoga practice we synchronise our movements with our breath, connect our bodies to our minds, and try to dive inside ourselves in order to evolve personally and embrace different perspectives.


In yoga for children we practice with our bodies but also with our heads ! At the begining of the year in yoga for children, we play, we install rituals, we learn how to do the postures. Through the learnings, we finaly go to a deeper level of practice. Yoga is a holistic discipline that sustains the motor and psychological development of children. They learn how to really live in their bodies, to become like cosmonauts of their own inner space and to manage their energy levels. Yoga helps children to better concentrate and memorize, and finally to find their own place.


Nowadays our day to day life can become un-balanced and the rythm at work is often intense ! The yoga practice helps us to decrease our level of stress, reduce back pain due to a bad posture at the office, headache due to screens and physical problems due to remaining sedentary... Yoga helps us to be healthier, to strengthen our immune system, and to sleep better. In yoga for companies, we practice at work but with consciousness. We can better understand who we are and improve our relationship with ourself and the others.

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  • Experience of teaching Yoga in English whilst abroad
  • Certified yoga teacher :
    • Yoga alliance’s international certificate
    • French yoga for kids federation’s certificate
Andréa BUDILLON cours de yoga yoga alliance
Certification certificat Récréyoga Fédération Française de Yoga enfant Andréa BUDILLON

They practiced yoga classes with me

I joined Andréa's yoga classes within the framework of the SILA-International Women's Club. I was absolutely thrilled about her approach, about how she quickly realised with everyone of us which postures will benefit us most. The calm, warm, welcoming and open atmosphere always filled me with energy for the week. Thank you Andréa. I miss you.
Andrea is a wonderful yoga teacher. She has a special way of feeling the needs of every participant of her class. After every class with Andrea I felt energised, refreshed and with a strong positive attitude towards the day ahead.
Andréa is a great yoga teacher, who adjusts perfectly to the needs of the yoga participants. She made us love yoga and find comfort practicing it when the stress is too much. I can only recommend her classes!

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